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Rubber Roofing Membranes for Commercial Buildings

Looking for a roof restoration system that goes beyond roof coatings?
How about a roofing system with decades of proven reliability and superior waterproof protection?

Whether you want to extend the life of your existing flat or low-slope roof or are looking for a reliable roofing system for new construction, our single-ply roofing system offers the best value for your money. Installed in a series of overlapping layers, our single-ply system is backed by a solid, multi-year warranty for decades of reliable protection.

Plus, this single-ply system can be installed in any season!

100% Waterproof Roof

100% Waterproof Guarantee

Enjoy decades of waterproof protection with a leak-free guarantee!

Increased Energy Efficiency

Increased Energy Efficiency

The Flexion membrane reflects 83% of UV rays, reducing wear and tear and providing significant energy savings over the life of your roof.

Superior Protection for Your Commercial Roof

Superior Protection

Our single-ply membrane system is UL Fire rated and performs well in any climate. Comes with first-class wind resistance.

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Our single-ply membrane system works best when your roof is properly prepared before the final installation. We use a proven 4-step process to ensure a truly waterproof seal for decades of reliability.

Clean and Prime Roof

Step 1 - Clean & Prime

First, we thoroughly clean your roof's surface, removing loose dirt and debris. Then we apply board stock to create a strong, smooth surface for membrane installation.

Membrane Installation on Roof

Step 2 - Membrane Installation

Next, we'll install the membrane in precise overlapping areas that face the direction of the water run-off. This prevents standing water from pooling on your roof.

Seam Welding

Step 3 - Seam Welding

At this point we'll weld each overlapping layer using a robotic welder. This creates a tight seal for complete waterproof protection.

Roof Sealing

Step 4 - Sealing

Finally, we seal every edge, nook and cranny of your roof with weatherproofing urethane sealant that ensures a tight seal around all edges and roof joints.

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