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Commercial Metal Roofing Solutions

Dealing with an aging metal roof? Have a leak, rust, or weak spots? As professional metal roofing contractors, let us extend the life of your metal roof with our proven metal roof restoration system for seamless, waterproof protection that lasts!

Metal Roof Leaks

Stops Leaks

Most metal roof leaks start at the seams where the roof is weakest. Our innovative coating seals those seams, preventing leaks and inhibiting rust.

Woman Paying Energy Bill

Reduce Energy Bills

The white, reflective coating keeps your roof up to 80 degrees cooler, helping you save up to 84% on your energy bills.

Superior Protection Against Wind and Hail

Superior Protection

Perfect for installation in all weather climates, our system provides a weather-tight seal and excellent protection against high winds and hail.

Our innovative metal roof coating system carries an 18-year non-prorated warranty!
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Your new metal roof coating system will only provide superior protection with proper installation. That's why we spend the majority of our time preparing your roof to receive the new roof coating system. This ensures a leak-free, waterproof, and weather-tight seal that can last for decades.

Priming a Commercial Roof

Priming Your Roof

The first step is neutralizing any rust and preventing future rust with rust-off and Metal Encase(r) metal primer.

Caulking a Commercial Roof


Next, we caulk all fastener heads and potential weak spots with Kwik Kaulk Fastener Grade.

Roof Seam Protection

Seam Protection

We waterproof the seams on your roof with Conklin butyl tape or Spunflex fabric, compressing the material between two layers of base coat.

Final Roof Coating

Final Coating

Finally, we apply the final reflective topcoat that protects your roof from leaks and provides reliable protection you'll appreciate for years to come.

Is metal roof restoration right for your metal roof? Find out now!
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