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What to Know About the Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing Systems

Like many commercial building owners, you’re probably considering purchasing a metal roof because of their low level of upkeep required, extra-long lifespan, and tremendous durability.

Here at Unlimited Commercial Roofing, we offer high-performance roofing restoration solutions through our unique partnership with Conklin Roofing Systems. We only recommend Conklin’s metal roofing restoration solutions because they have proven to be the best—providing guaranteed leak-free performance backed by industry-leading warranties.

If the time has come and you’re considering replacing your current metal roofing—be sure to do your research. It’s essential to carefully consider the pros and cons of metal versus other more conventional roofing materials. And today’s blog post lays out the various benefits and disadvantages of metal roofing for you to consider.


Metal Roofs Are Long-Lasting

Is your roof in it for the long haul? Well, if yours is made from metals such as aluminum, steel, zinc, etc., then you’re in luck.

While there are different metals and installation types, you can expect a metal roof to last an impressive 40 years. Compare that to the average lifespan of an asphalt roof at 23 years or a single-ply roof’s lifespan of 20 years, and you’ll see why metal roofing is a durable choice. And ensuring your metal roof reaches its full life expectancy (and its maximum cost savings) is as simple as making sure to pay the proper attention to maintaining it.

Metal Roofing is Relatively Low-Maintenance

Since metal roofing will outlast most other roofing materials under normal conditions, many customers choose metal because of the low-maintenance associated with it.

Typically, the only maintenance required of you will be removing any leaves, branches, or debris that may have accumulated on the roof or gutters. Not excited about climbing up on a ladder to do this work? A trustworthy roofing contractor can help you with any roof upkeep tasks.

Additionally, suppose you choose to go with a standing seam roofing system, where the fasteners are hidden and protected from exposure. In that case, you’ll not only enjoy fewer issues with these potential weak points but also a more aesthetically pleasing metal roof.

Metal Roofing Materials are Incredibly Durable

If properly installed and well taken care of, you’ll find your metal roofing to be exceptionally durable. It should easily last as long as the structure it’s covering. And metal roofs will readily survive windstorms, snow, and rainwater. If mildew, fire, insect infestation, and rot are concerns, then go with metal—it’s resistant to them all.


A Metal Roofing System Can Be More Expensive

Metal roofing is more costly than some of the other roofing options available to you, especially upfront. $845 to $942 per square foot is the average cost to have a contractor reseal a metal roofing system in the U.S.

However, when you factor in the material’s durability and lower level of upkeep, you could end up saving on maintenance or the cost of a roofing replacement. In fact, our metal roof restoration system from Conklin is designed to prevent a total roofing replacement project by offering building owners the choice of restoration instead.

Corrugated Metal Roofing is Prone to Corrosion

Metal roofing panels can develop issues over the years. Environmental factors, such as rain, snow, salt air, etc., accumulate over time, damaging the metal material. This is particularly true for corrugated metal roofs, which are common on warehouses and agricultural buildings in our service area here at UCR.

Two of the biggest potential threats to your metal roofing of any type are rust and corrosion. These two factors create great havoc on galvanized steel roofing in particular. Even aluminum roofs, which aren’t prone to rust, can suffer from weakened seams or damaged fasteners, leading to costly leaks.

Metal Roofing Can Dent Easily

Softer metal roofing options, such as aluminum, are much more prone to damage from debris. So, dents can happen pretty easily with metal roofing, especially if something with significant weight or velocity hits it, such as a falling tree limb or large hailstone.

Metal Roofing Is Easy to Restore

You shouldn’t let any potential downsides discourage you from using metal roofing for your building—metal roofing systems are extremely easy to restore. As metal roofing contractors, we know how to make a roof restoration work hard for our customers. Our innovative metal roof systems stop leaks, reduce energy bills while providing your structure with superior protection from weather and other environmental factors. The pros far outweigh the cons.

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