Ponding rainwater on asphalt flat roof that may need flat roof waterproofing

What Are Some of the Best Flat Roof Waterproofing Systems?

There are a lot of systems out there for restoring your commercial flat roof to waterproof status, including liquid waterproofing membranes (aka membrane coatings), spray-applied polyurethane/SPF roofing solutions, and single-ply membranes installed over an existing roof.

Here at Unlimited Commercial Roofing, we offer all of these flat roof waterproofing systems through our unique partnership with Conklin Roofing Systems. We only recommend Conklin’s flat roof restoration solutions because they have proven to be the best.

Which one will help bring your commercial building’s aging flat roof back to life? Well, that depends on what original material your flat roof is made from. And today’s blog post lays out your options.

Commercial Roof Types You May Have

Asphalt, single-ply membranes, and SPF are all common commercial flat roof materials, and each needs to be restored in a somewhat different way to address its unique properties. Additionally, if you have a low-slope—or even a steep-sloped—metal roof, your waterproofing/restoration options will be different. Read on to learn more.

Waterproofing/Restoring Asphalt Roofing

Also called “tar and gravel” roofing, asphalt-based roofing systems have been around for decades. If your business is in an older building in an urban area, it likely has an asphalt roof. These systems include BUR (built-up roofing) and modified bitumen (MB or mod bit) materials.

Because BUR and MB roofs are not installed quite as often today versus some newer materials like single-ply EPDM, TPO, and PVC roofing, it’s likely your existing asphalt roofing needs some attention—especially if you haven’t been keeping up with regular roof inspections over the years.

The good news is that membrane coatings are an excellent repair and restoration option for waterproofing your asphalt flat roof. Also known as elastomeric roof coatings, these solutions are designed to help stop leaks in aging roofing systems made from various materials. They also increase energy-efficiency due to their reflective properties, saving you real money on building operational costs!

Waterproofing/Restoring SPF Roofing

As we covered in our most recent post here on the UCR blog, spray polyurethane foam roofing (SPF) is an incredibly durable commercial roofing material and can significantly cut your energy bills. However, SPF roofs can develop problems over time, just like any other flat or low-slope roofing type.

Luckily, SPF roofing can easily be refreshed and repaired with additional layers of SPF foam or a re-application of the white, reflective topcoat.

Additionally, SPF roofing is a great restoration option for certain other types of original commercial roofing materials, so if you don’t have an SPF roof now, you can get all of its benefits without a total tear-off replacement!

Waterproofing/Restoring Single-Ply Membrane Roofing

Does your warehouse, distribution center, retail store, restaurant, or other flat-roofed commercial building have a single-ply membrane roof? While a long commercial roof lifespan is among single-ply membranes’ advantages, these roofs can also develop problems over time.

Ongoing preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring you get the best performance from your single-ply membrane roofing, and that means developing a partnership with a reliable roofing contractor like us here at UCR. We’re also able to assess your current commercial roof made from any other material to see whether restoration with a new single-ply membrane system from Conklin could be your most affordable way forward.

What About Metal Roofing Restoration?

It’s true that metal roofs are more often installed in low-slope applications and as steep-sloped roofs versus traditional flat roofing scenarios. This is because metal roofing needs to shed water relatively quickly or risk being damaged by rust and corrosion. Of course, this doesn’t mean that metal roofing will remain damage-free forever. Unfortunately, commercial metal roofs are prone to several big problems as they age.

Eventually, your commercial metal roof will begin to develop leaks, typically around the seams where metal roof surfaces are weakest. Luckily, our innovative metal roof coating from Conklin seals those seams, preventing leaks, inhibiting rust, and restoring your metal roof’s waterproofing.

Trust Unlimited Commercial Roofing for the Best Flat Roof Waterproofing Solutions

When your commercial flat roof system begins experiencing problems, it’s time to get a professional and trustworthy roofing contractor involved. Here in the Lancaster, PA area, Unlimited Commercial Roofing makes the process of evaluating your commercial roof for repair and flat roof waterproofing solutions easy and painless.

We offer a FREE on-site roof inspection that includes a report on our findings and our roofing recommendations to give you a clear way forward in improving your roof’s condition and waterproofness.Get in touch with the pros at UCR today, and let us help you restore your roof!