Commercial Roofing Tips

Roof Restoration May Be Your Better Route Than Replacement

Is your commercial building’s roof leaking? No matter what the cause of the problem, from age to weather-related damage, a single small leak can begin a nightmarish struggle for your business. But, you don’t have to let roof leaks win! And the best news is that your building’s flat or low-sloped metal, EPDM, PVC, or other type material roof can probably be restored instead of totally replaced. Afraid that a leak could mean completely tearing up your roof and replacing it at great expense? We’re here to assure you that this most extreme scenario is likely unnecessary.

There are multiple options for commercial roof restoration depending on what your building’s roof is made out of or how it was originally constructed. Today we’re taking a look at what those options are and how each can effectively stop leaks. Unlike full replacement, all available types of restoration will provide minimal business disruption. They will also last for at least 18 years, and many last even longer. Which option is right for your roof? Continue reading “Roof Restoration May Be Your Better Route Than Replacement”