[Infographic]: The Benefits of TPO Single-Ply Roofing vs. Modified Bitumen for Your Commercial Building

While commercial roof restoration is often a better, more economical option than a total tear-off and replacement project for your building, there are situations when installing a brand new roof may be preferable. And, that opens the door to a lot of decision-making to ensure you choose the best flat or low slope roof system and roofing materials.

Indeed, when you’re looking to completely replace your commercial building’s roof, there are many very different material choices to consider, including asphalt roofing and single-ply membranes.

Today’s infographic focuses the spotlight on Modified Bitumen (MB or “Mod Bit”) roofing versus the thermoplastic single-ply membrane roofing material TPO (and its close cousin PVC). Which should you choose?

what to know about commercial roofing types infographic