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Does Your SPF Roofing Need Repair? Here’s How to Know and What to Do

While it’s true that spray polyurethane foam roofing (SPF) is an incredibly durable commercial roofing material and can significantly cut your energy bills, SPF roofs can develop problems over time just like any other flat or low-slope roofing type.

The good news is that SPF roofing can easily be refreshed and repaired with additional layers of SPF foam or a re-application of the white, reflective topcoat.

But, how do you know when it’s time to repair your commercial building’s SPF roof? And what are the steps that commercial building owners and managers should take to address roof problems?

Today’s blog post answers these big questions about SPF roofing with advice about problems to look out for and the best way you can respond to ensure your SPF commercial roof’s long service life.

Possible Problems With SPF Roofing That May Require Repair

If your building has an SPF commercial roof, you (or a previous owner) almost certainly chose this material because spray polyurethane foam is exceptionally durable in addition to offering a wealth of other benefits.


As a material, SPF is long-lasting and may provide your roof with a lifespan of up to 50 years. But when spray foam has been in place for a few years, it may need to be recoated with fresh foam so that it keeps performing well.

Spray foam roofing is insulative, but adverse conditions on the rooftop—like surface moisture—can negatively impact this property. If your SPF roof has been in place for several years and hasn’t been inspected lately, it’s time to contact a trustworthy and experienced SPF roofing contractor like us here at Unlimited Commercial Roofing for a comprehensive inspection and free estimate of your roof’s needs.

Improper Installation

One of the drawbacks of SPF roofing is that the weather to install this material must be favorable. Unfortunately, this factor increases the likelihood that your roof was not installed the right way.

Unlike single-ply membrane roofing, SPF can’t be installed over the winter or in wet weather conditions. So if your spray foam roofing was installed in poor conditions, you will likely have durability problems way too soon.

Material Damage

While SPF roofing has so many advantages that it almost seems too good to be true, this foam material does have one weakness—SPF is vulnerable to punctures, aka “mechanical damage.”

If you have a roof that sees a lot of foot traffic or your building has been through a storm or two with a lot of windblown debris, you’ll want to make sure the spray foam material has not developed holes.

What About Repairing Other Roofing Types with SPF?

In short, repairing your existing roof with SPF, no matter what material it is made from, is often a great choice. We have talked a lot here on our blog about choosing the right materials for your commercial building’s roof.

This is certainly important when you’re installing a new roof, but it’s perhaps even more critical to make the right material choice when you’re restoring an aging roof, regardless of its type.

Luckily, there are several options to restore your roof right the first time. SPF systems—applied by experienced, qualified professional roofers—are among the strongest choices you can make today. Want to learn more? Check out our previous blog post all about the pros and cons of spray foam roofing for restoration.

How to Assess Your SPF Roofing’s Repair Needs in 3 Steps

1.      Look for Leaks Inside Your Building

If your commercial SPF roofing has suffered mechanical damage, you may know relatively quickly with leaks into your building’s interior. Unfortunately, roof leaks aren’t always so easy to spot, however. For instance, if your building’s interior has drop ceilings or an attic space where no one goes very frequently, leaks can hide until they progress to the point of a roofing emergency.

If you suspect your commercial roof is having age-related issues or it could have storm damage, you will want to make a thorough inspection of your building’s interior to look for water infiltration.

2.      Inspect the Roof to Look for Punctures or Mechanical Damage

Just because you don’t have leaks inside your building, it does not mean that your SPF roof hasn’t been compromised. As mentioned above, SPF roofing is vulnerable to punctures, and extreme weather events or foot traffic on your roof could cause this kind of damage to form.

Getting up on your roof and making a thorough inspection to look for problems is always the first step in the commercial roof maintenance or repair process. And while it is possible to do this kind of survey yourself, it is better to call in an experienced commercial roofing contractor who can quickly and safely spot damage—and recommend your best course of action to make quality repairs.

3.      Call an Experienced Polyurethane Foam SPF Roofing Contractor for Expert Repair

While selecting the right roofing system is essential, proper installation—and ongoing maintenance—is critical. Unfortunately, many building owners and managers mistakenly choose to fix their roofs with products purchased on the retail market and installed by amateurs. This is never a good idea with SPF roofing, which requires precise installation and approaches to repair and restoration.

When your SPF roofing needs attention, your more cost-effective solution is to contact a knowledgeable foam roofing contractor. We have access to the best products—with excellent warranties—and can guarantee our work to perform for years to come.

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