Roofer repairs a metal commercial roof

6 Signs You Need to Repair Your Metal Commercial Roof

No commercial property owner wants the news that their metal commercial roof needs replacing. But what if we told you that roof replacement wasn’t your only option? Inspecting your roof twice a year for any warning signs of damage can help prevent total roof tear-offs and replacements. This blog post will discuss the six most common signs that your metal roofing system needs repair before it’s too late.

At Unlimited Commercial Roofing, we specialize in repairing aging metal commercial roof systems. Instead of a complete roof tear-off and replacement, we use a proven commercial metal roof restoration system to repair several types of roofing. If you find any damaged areas after looking for these six signs, contact us for a free on-site roof inspection.

1. Flashing is Lost or Damaged

Many types of roofing systems feature added protection against the elements. Flashing is an essential protective component used to prevent water from entering your building. Since flashing is installed in the weakest or most vulnerable areas, any damage or loss of flashing can create costly problems.

Inspecting your metal commercial roof for any signs that the flashing is lost or damaged may prevent irreparable problems with your roofing system and the inside of your building. Specifically, check areas where your roof meets the walls, eaves, pipes or drains, or around any HVAC equipment.

2. Noticeable Signs of Rust, Corrosion, or Mold

Rust and corrosion are common problems for metal commercial roofs. During your routine inspection, you may find several areas of rust or corrosion damage. If so, it’s time to bring out a professional roofing contractor. While you may only see the surface damage, a professional will look for any hidden damage that could ultimately lead to even more costly repairs.

Speaking of hidden damage—mold is also a concern for underlying roofing materials such as insulation. Mold may also be present inside your building if you have a roof leak. If you see any signs of damage at your ceiling or roof, address the leak quickly before any more damage occurs.

3. Loose or Displaced Metal Roofing Panels

Your metal roof is only as good as its installation and maintenance routine. Without proper installation, you risk having the metal panels of your roof shifting. Also, not having a regular maintenance plan means you could lose these shifting panels to storms or other types of external threats.

Without the seamless protection of well-connected roofing panels, your commercial building is at risk for damage from the elements. Hiring a professional and trusted roofing contractor nearby for installation and repairs means they will be there when you need them.

4. Bent or Damaged Fasteners

Seamless roof protection and well-connected roofing panels rely on fasteners to keep everything in place. Properly installed fasteners will last longer and help keep your commercial building protected. That doesn’t mean they won’t be bent or damaged over time—because that will happen.

This is why it is crucial to inspect your metal commercial roof several times a year. As you get familiar with your roof, you will start to notice areas where fasteners need replacing. It is essential to have functional fasteners for seamless roof protection.

5. Visibly Soft or Caved-In Areas

Your metal roof shouldn’t sink or seem caved-in or soft. These occurrences signal a much larger problem—such as a damaged roof deck, rust or corrosion, and improper installation. If you see sections of your roof that appear to sink, use precaution when inspecting the surrounding areas. If in doubt, call a professional roofer. A roofing contractor can safely inspect the damaged areas without risking their safety or additional damage to your metal roof.

6. Water Leaks Into Your Commercial Building

Mold isn’t the only damage that water leaks can cause. A leaking roof can cause structural damage in several areas of your commercial building—such as your roof deck and walls. Your roof leaks may be from damaged flashing, loose roofing panels, or damaged fasteners.

No matter what is causing the leak in your roof, you need to fix it right away to prolong the life of your metal commercial roof. We offer a free on-site roofing inspection to help uncover problems such as leaks and determine the best course of action.

Does Your Building Need Metal Commercial Roof Repairs?

At Unlimited Commercial Roofing, we take roofing seriously, and it’s why we offer commercial property owners a free on-site roof inspection. We will evaluate the state of your metal roof and determine if you need repairs or restoration. Our metal roof restoration services help to stop leaks, reduce energy bills, and add superior protection for all weather climates.

Are you looking for a reliable and professional roofer in the Lancaster, Pa. area? Call us today and schedule your free on-site roof inspection.