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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring Commercial Roofing Contractors

Commercial roofing contractors are not all the same, and knowing what questions to ask before hiring a contractor can help you avoid a bad experience. These ten essential questions will help you understand whether a commercial roofing contractor can handle your project. Learn how to know if they have the proper licensing, if they have the right process to match your needs, and more.

Do They Have Proper Licensing to Work in Your State?

Every state has specifications about the licenses and certifications a commercial roofing company must hold. Some states require certifications to obtain a roofing license or perform certain jobs. And, some may not have specific license requirements. Instead, local authorities determine licensing requirements.

Because building codes can vary by state as well, any roofing company that wants to work in multiple states needs to obtain proper licensing in each state. Make sure you know the state and local licensing requirements and seek out only experienced and licensed commercial roofing contractors.

How Long Have They Been Doing Business In This Area?

Roofing solutions vary based on several factors—your budget, commercial property type,  current roofing materials, and regional climate. When hiring roofing contractors, look for a roofing company that not only has years of experience but has the experience in your local area. You want to hire a roofing installation and roof repair company that understands the unique challenges your local climate presents. 

Do They Belong to any Roofing Associations?

Many roofing associations require that their members maintain certifications and offer training to their roofers. These associations also provide helpful resources to roofing contractors and can help them stay current with state and local licensing requirements.

Ask the company you’re planning to hire if they belong to any roofing associations and if they provide ongoing training for their roofers.

Do They Use Their Own Crew Or Do They Use Subcontractors?

Hiring and using subcontractors is a common practice, especially when a roofing company is smaller or has a lot of work on their plate. If the roofing company you plan to use will hire any subcontractors, make sure you verify that the subcontractors have their own insurance.

How Much Experience Do They Have With Your Type of Roof?

Roofing contractors may have similar knowledge, but some roofing companies take the time to specialize. They may focus on a specific type of installation, repair, roofing system, or roofing material. Ask the roofing company about their specializations and how much experience they have with your current roofing system or proposed roofing system.

At Unlimited Commercial Roofing, we specialize in revitalizing aging commercial roofing systems throughout eastern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.

Can They Provide You With an Estimated Timeline?

Just like any contracting business, roofing contractors have busy seasons. Even during these busy seasons, any roofing company you plan to work with should be able to give you an estimated timeline for your project.

An experienced roofing company also understands how important it is to establish a timeline that matches your schedule and business needs. They should work closely with you to prevent as much downtime as possible for your building or business.

Who Will Supervise Your Project?

Think of roofing solutions—like a new roofing installation or roof repair project—as investments in your commercial property. As with any investment, you should be familiar with all of the key players involved. Find out from your roofing contractor who the point of contact for your project is, and who will supervise the day-to-day operations on the job site.

Open communication and a positive working relationship with your project supervisor will go a long way to the efficient completion of your new roof.

Is There a Warranty Offered With the Project Contract?

The roofing materials used on your roof may come with a warranty—like Conklin’s Roofing Systems warranties—and your roofing contractor should be able to go over that warranty with you. Roofing contractors may also offer an additional warranty that covers their labor and workmanship. Ask what your warranty options are to protect your new roofing investment.

How Will They Deal With the Old Roof Materials?

There will always be trash from any roofing project, and the roofing company you hire should handle these materials. They should bring a dumpster or other trash receptacle and clean up after themselves. Roofing installation and roof repair may remove certain types of materials that you need to dispose of in a particular way.

What Is The Expected Payment Schedule?

Before you sign a contract, make sure your roofing company has explained all payment expectations, including a payment schedule, financing options, and deposit information. Confirm all contract details to make sure you understand what is expected of you and what you should expect from your roofing contractor.

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